Summary 2: Sparcprinter questions

From: Jeff Wasilko (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1992 - 02:34:23 CDT

While preparing my backup summary, I discovered a few SparcPrinter
messages that I filed in the wrong mailbox...

Thanks again to everyone!



From:!!mitt (Jeff Mittelman)

We just got our first SPARCprinter and it looks like a nice product so far, but keep in mind that it uses the host cpu to image every page it prints.

As far as working in a mac environment, it does not do anything unless you have third party software to interface with--it is no different than having a laserwriter. (I do not know anything about Ethershare.) I found no documentation that described the "mac and PC connectivity" of a SPARCprinter, the capability described in the product announcement--so far our Sun sales rep can't find it either. Lots of fonts are included and they can easily be expanded.

For second sources of toners/drums, I have no idea and would like to see your summary.

Jeff Mittelman MITRE Corp. McLean, VA


From:!!celeste (Celeste Stokely)

I'm no help to you on the Mac compatibility issues. But, as to third-party toner and drum replacements for the SparcPrinter--I haven't found any in the 6 months I've been looking. The printer is a Xerox engine, but Xerox sales won't sell me anything for it. I put 4 different toner distributors to work on finding me cartridges for it. Nada. Sun's got the whole market locked up for this printer.

But, in all fairness, this is the longest lasting toner cartridge I've ever seen. I have now gone through 3 CARTONS (30 reams) of paper, printing lots of dense graphics along with text, and it's just now beginning to fade on me. That's 15000 sheets of paper. For me, that puts the toner cost at less expensive per use than all of the other printers on my network.

So, I'll just cough up the ~$160 to SunExpress for another cartridge.

..Celeste Stokely Program Mgr for Unix Systems Administration Consulting, Expert Support Inc. EMAIL: VOICE: 415-967-6898 FAX: 415-493-3208 USMAIL: Expert Support, Inc./ 211 Thompson Sq. / Mountain View CA 94043


From:!!doug (Doug Neuhauser)

NeWSprint 1.0 was a disaster for Mac printing. I just installed NeWSprint 2.0 last week when we got our Macs hooked to the network. So far I have had no problems. - Doug Neuhauser,, 510-642-0931


From:!mpl.UCSD.EDU!zeke (Rob Scott)

"'Jeff Wasilko' writes:" > > We're considering adding a SparcPrinter to the 4 processor 630 we've > got on order. Right now we are a mostly Mac office, with the Sun > providing file and print service (using Helios Ethershare). >

The 630 will have ample horsepower to support the Sparcprinter. We have one on an IPC with 16 megabytes of memory, and it bogs down a bit even for a simple text print job. Ample memory and free CPU cycles are the key.

> How well does the SparcPrinter work in a Mac environment? We do mostly > graphics-type work, so we have fairly difficult print jobs (lots of > fonts, lots of EPS/TIFF graphics etc)? >

All of your fonts will have to be installed on the 630 host. If you have purchased fonts from Adobe (or other postscript font vendor) I'm not sure how you would go about installing them. Any graphics will have to be encasulated postscript.

> How reliable is it? Are there any second sources for toner/drum kits? > The SunDirect pricing is a bit high, IMHO... >

True, it is a bit more pricey, but then again the expendables (drum and toner) last much longer.

Rob -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Rob Scott, System Administrator for the Marine Physical Laboratory Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego Internet: Telephonenet: (619) 534-8588


From:!!danielle (danielle sanine)


As far as I know Sun is the ONLY supplier of toner cartridges and drums. I agree that they are overpriced. If you hear of any other sources, I would be MOST interested.

Thanks, Danielle Sanine

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