SUMMARY: Dial-in/dial-out ALMOST working on Sun-3/50 (4.1.1_U1)

From: Kevin E Cosgrove (kevinc@tekig6.PEN.TEK.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 27 1992 - 12:40:37 CDT

Dial-out/in now works just peachy on my machine.

The biggest help to me was:

> From: (Sebastian v. Bomhard)
> The first thing I'd get rid off is the /dev/ttya. I deleted it, after
> it caused me very similar trouble like you have.

Simply deleting /dev/ttya allowed my configuration to work.

Wonderful suggestions for debugging were:

> From: (Peter Gross) <>
> If your getty is the result of your ttytab entry, then the ps listing
> for that should look like:
> 16536 ? S 0:00 - D19200 ttya (getty)
> note the '?' -- it doesn't get tied to a specific port until the carrier
> comes on. If it has a d0 instead, you've made a mistake.

> From: "Dean R. E. Long" <>
> You also need to make sure your modem only turns on CD (carrier
> detect) when an actual connect has been made. Then use cua0
> (not ttya) to dial out. When it is setup correctly, the getty
> will not be able to open ttyd0 until the modem answers a call.
> You can see that it is blocking on the open, because the tty
> for getty will show up as '?' instead of 'd0' when you do a
> 'ps'. This is the only way I know of to get dialin + dialout
> to work. So, check your modem manual on how to set Carrier
> Detect correctly.

A hint about 'tip' would seem to agree with my experience:

> From: (Carl Hage)
> The hayes driver for the SunOS (and Berkeley) version of tip is very
> picky about return status values and many modems will require an ATX0
> initialization. Tip does ATV0E0\r in the initialization, and then
> dials with ATDTxxxx\r. The connection will be accepted only if a '1'
> status code is reported. Many modems, including mine, report different
> values depending on the connect speed, plus report DIALING and remote
> RING status values, all of which abort the connection. Also, I had to
> set my modem to ignore characters while dialing instead of aborting.
> Why use tip vs cu as a terminal emulator? Because tip has ~C which can
> run generalized upload/download scripts, including reliable
> transmission with rz/sz.

My thanks go to those who responded:

    "Dean R. E. Long" <>
    (Carl Hage)
    (Greg Earle)
    (Joe Pruett) <joey@q7.UUCP>
    (Lupe Christoph) <lupe@ukw.UUCP>
    (Michael Richardson)
    (Peter Gross) <>
    (Sebastian v. Bomhard)

The only thing that still doesn't work is SunOS 'tip', but SunOS 'cu'
works and 'tipx' (version 1.21) works.

Below is the setup that rendered a working dial-in/out.

1. Device ownerships and permissions.

    crw------- 1 uucp uucp 12, 128 Apr 17 00:40 /dev/cua0
    crw--w--w- 1 root wheel 12, 0 Apr 17 00:33 /dev/ttyd0

2. The modem cable must pass the carrier detect line.

3. /etc/ttytab needs the following reference. Note that references to
    ttya and cua0 are gone.

    /etc/ttytab (partial)
    # name getty type status comments
    ttyd0 "/usr/etc/getty D2400" dialup on modem

    NOTE: A couple people commented that my posting had "local" in place of
    "modem" above. That was due to clerical error on my part for
    having cut-and-pasted together the pieces of my message after I
    put things back to "semi-working". I had tried a non-local field,
    but without success originally.

4. I explicitly turned off soft carrier on ttyd0 since ttysoftcar -a never
    worked for me. Building a new kernel is not necessary.

    /etc/rc (partial)
    /usr/etc/ttysoftcar -n ttyd0 > /dev/null 2>&1

5. Set up the UUCP/cu Dialers file to reflect the desired modem

    /etc/uucp/Dialers (Partial)

    # Avatex 2400 (Hayes compatible)
    hayes =,-, "" \dA\pT\pE0\pV1\pM0\pL0\pX2\pQ0\pS0=2\pS2=255\p
    S12=255\p&C1\p&D3\p&W0\r\c OK\r \dATDT\T\r\c CONNECT

6. The ACU is /dev/cua0 in /etc/uucp/Devices and /etc/remote.

    /etc/uucp/Devices (Partial)
    ACU cua0 - 2400 hayes
    ACU cua0 - 1200 hayes
    ACU cua0 - 300 hayes

    /etc/remote (Partial)
    # General dialer definitions used below
    dial2400|2400 Baud Hayes :\
    dial1200|1200 Baud Hayes :\
    dial300|300 Baud Hayes :\
    # UNIX system definitions
    UNIX-2400|2400 Baud dial-out to another UNIX system:\
    UNIX-1200|1200 Baud dial-out to another UNIX system:\
    UNIX-300|300 Baud dial-out to another UNIX system:\

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