SUMMARY 5 gb tape drives -- largest files

From: Malcolm C. Strickland (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1992 - 15:19:11 CDT

        I have had success doing this with SunOS 4.1.2 and using the
        high density tape device name.
        eg. if configed as rst0, use rst8.

        See the man page for st on 4.1.2.
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The problem with writing 2+ GB files to tape is that even though
the tape driver does not normally use the file pointer, the system
maintains it and declares an error on the first write for which
the high order (sign) bit of the file pointer is set. If you are
writing the tape with a program that you wrote, you can get around
this problem by doing an lseek() on the tape file descriptor
to keep the file pointer from overflowing. Note that you also
have to do the same kind of thing when you read the tape.
(Of course, this is only a "work-around" and not the ideal

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one message indicated that there is a patch for 4.1.1 that fixes this. I have not been able to locate it at this time.

thanks for the reposnses:

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