SUMMARY: formatting/partitioning under 3.5

From: Richard J. Niziak (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1992 - 15:16:18 CDT

I receieved many replies telling be either to boot from the diag
prog like:
>b stand/diag
 and follow the comands in the sysadmin guide....

One other person Hilarie Orman, suggested that I format/partition using the format command in 4.1 and placing the disk back on the
3.5 machine and do the newfs there... , I did and it worked fine.

thanks go out to the folowing..:

Hilarie Orman
Anthony A. Datri
Andrew Luebker
Tim Pointing
Dot Mastakouras
Steve Harris
Tom Slezak
Gerhard Holzer
Matt Goheen
Matt Crawford
Fabrice Le Metayer
John Valdes
Mario Nigrovic
Perry Hutchison
Ted Rodriguez-Bell

Rick Niziak
Systems Manager

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