SUMMARY : Password aging under NIS ( YP )

From: Simon Booth x8125 (simon@swindon.gpsemi.COM)
Date: Thu Apr 23 1992 - 14:45:01 CDT

Thanks all of you out in network land that replied.

Most people said that password aging under NIS doesn't work,
and that sun have no patches - This is a shame !!

A few people said that the following products from sun
could be used to do the same thing:

        SunShield ARM & ASET ~$250

Someone also mentioned a Public Domain product called:


Thanks To:

From: (Michael D. Reynolds)
From: Steve Lodin <>
From: (J. Matt Landrum)
From: (Robert McGraw)
From: (Gerhard Holzer)
From: Doug Acker <>
From: (Ivan Dean)
From: Colin Macleod <>
From: Steve Hanson <>
From: (K.M.Myge)

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