SUMMARY: sun 3/50 Monitor Troubles

Date: Wed Apr 22 1992 - 16:11:16 CDT


    This is in response to my article about how to change the flyback
transformer on the Philips monitor. I got a whole slew of mail telling
me not to attempt doing this if I haven't done it before. Since I
haven't seen the innards of a TV/monitor before, I will not be
attempting this. Pinnacle Data Systems at (614) 487-1150 does complete
monitor reconditioning including changing the flyback for $230. The main
idea of this summary is, DONT attempt to do this job if you are not an
experienced elec. technician.

Sources for the people who want to do this themselves are

If you can solder, get a new transformer from Computer Component
Source, Inc., 800-356-1227, Sun part #5107-140-01781, order #34-703,
$35.00 .

If not, order the replacement plug-in board from Pinnacle Data
Systems, 614-487-1150, about $110.00 .

And here's a collection of articles about monitor troubles from
sun-spots. thanks to Jim Berilla.

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