Summary: sun 3/50 monitor problem

Date: Tue Apr 21 1992 - 15:09:17 CDT

Thanks to all you net folks, I got tons of replies to my posting about
sun3/50 monitor trouble. The consensus is that the flyback transformer
in the monitor has gone bad and I should replace it. Some also suggest
replacing the Q231 transistor on the heat sink. Now for the sources

flyback from CRC $38 1-800-366-1272
plug-in boards from Pinnacle $99 1-614-487-1150 (part # 60-124)
reconditioning monitor $230 from Pinnacle

Now for the next question:

My monitor is a philips M19P114A. I don't have the circuit diagrams for
this. Anyone who has done the job of replacing the transformer with the
Pinnacle boards, could you tell me where the blown flyback is (in the
monitor) and a general procedure of how do I go about pulling the board
out and plugging in the new one. Any help/hints appreciated. I have no
background in electronics repair, but I thought replacing the board
shouldn't be too difficult. Also, is the Q231 on the board or is it
someplace else.


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