SUMMARY: Need to add 10G disk storage to SS 4/470

From: Grant Basham (
Date: Tue Apr 14 1992 - 22:45:22 CDT

Last week I requested info on adding a large of disks to our server:

> One of my user groups wants to add ~10G of disk capacity to our Sun
> 4/470 server... I have 2 SCSI disks, a 1/4in tape drive, an 8mm tape
> drive, and a cd player on the current bus. In addition, there is a
> separate mass storage box that contains one 1.2G IPI drive and has
> bays for 3 or 4 more drives.
> ...

I received replies from the following: (Thanks folks)

Eugene H. Simpson III <>
holle@ASC.SLB.COM (Kathy Holle)
Anthony A. Datri" <> (J. Matt Landrum)
mce@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU (Mark Edwards)
Tim Beyea <beyea@ERC.MsState.Edu>
John R. Kilheffer <>
kalli! (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Grootwassink, David" <>
John Paul O'Brien" <>
Richard Wong" <rnw@math.Princeton.EDU>
mks! (Alex White)
ldavis!woden! (David Gunn) (Oran Davis) (Paulo L. de Geus)
Mike Raffety <>

A number of options were suggested:
o Purchase a stand-alone NFS file server; A computer designed
   to handle up to 80G of disk space and serve it to your net.
   Purported to be quite fast and well designed. A bit pricey
   for our group at a list of ~85k for a starter kit at 30+G,
   but looked nice for those with the budget to handle it.
o Add IPI drives in my existing bays; this is quite expensive.
   for what you get.
o Add a second SCSI controller to the VME bus and a batch of
   SCSI drives.
o A fanout that allows you to add seven more drives to a single
   port on the existing SCSI bus can be had for ~$900. This, to
   me, seems to be a potential bottleneck of awesome proportions.
   It is touted for systems that cannot support a second bus.
o Buy a VME/SCSI card (~$1500) and 5 of the new SCSI disks
  that format to 2+G (Micropolis 1924, Elite-3, Wren-9). These
  disks are variously reported to be just-our or out real soon
  now. We have prices of around 3600 each (5year warranty) for
  this class of drive. We were quoted around 2600 each for a
  six-pack of the current crop of drives that format to ~1.7G.
  This is probably the option we will select. I will mail the
  responses to all who are interested in more detail.

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