Summary: Pre-compiled X11R5 for SS1

From: Bin Zhao (
Date: Thu Apr 16 1992 - 17:44:41 CDT

At Apr 15, 92, I posted:
>> I wnat to run X11R5 on my sparc station 1 running 4.1.1. I
>> don't have space to compile it from the source. So I am wondering if
>> I can get a precompiled copy. Can anyone direct me to any Internet
>> archive site(s) that would have it? Thanks in advance.

Thanks very much to this great mailing list. I got many replies and they
are all helpful. Here is the summary:

The pre-complied X11R5 for SS1/SunOS.4.1.1 is available on the following

Mark Seiden ( suggests:
>if you are a member of the sun user group, you can buy a cdrom
>(1992.1) containing the complete x11r5 distributions at a high patch
>level, *including* many binaries for sparc. under $50, as a special
>incentive membership promotion... send mail to for an
>order form, or call 617 232 0514.

Some are even willing to make a tape for me. many thanks to the
following people, especially Ed Arnold (

Jacques Beigbeder <>
Anthony Yen <>
Pete Shipley <shipley@tfs.COM>
Simon Leinen <>
John M. Blasik <>
Mark Seiden <>

   Bin Zhao, UNIX Systems Administrator, Computer Center, Adelphi University
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