4-110 summary

From: Doug Peterson (doug@USAN.consult.com)
Date: Thu Apr 16 1992 - 08:15:33 CDT

Thanks to all who replied. Their insightful comments are included below.

Doug Peterson


Should be no problem, as long as it's not trying to read stuff straight
out of the kernel (like w, ps, pstat, etc. do). 4/110s are still under
software support; you can run 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 on them. You application
shouldn't have any problem, just be careful about whether it uses termcap
or terminfo (4.1 and higher use terminfo for vi, more, etc., but BOTH are
supported and work just fine).


     We run 4.1.1 on our 4/110s as well as our SPARCstations.
Everything is exactly the same except the kernel and the /usr/kvm
directory. We have had no problems compiling typical programs
(anything except those that need to examine kernel variables or memory
-- i.e. kvm stuff) on one or the other and running on both. Same goes
for the sun4m architecture.


I've had experience compiling on one and running on another. Works fine
for everything I've tried (TeX, ksh, elm, etc.). I assume the latest OS
rev is same as for the SPARCs.


The 4/110 is a sun4 machine, so the latest rev is 4.1.2, just as
your other SPARC's.

Just remember that it is a 'sun4' just as the single-processor servers,
while your other desktops are sun4c, and MP's are sun4m.

The only difference is that the need different OS installations, but
user level programs should run just fine on all of them.

I can only think of one problem. Depending on the compiler used
and the options used while compiling, the compiler may have generated
instructions that only exist on certain SPARC chips. With standard
options this should be no problem.


In my opinion there are no problems.
All apllications we use are running on the SPARC1's, SPARC1+'s or SPARC2's and
on the 4-110, independently on which machine they are compiled.
We use SunOS 4.1.1 on this machines.

 I've been going the other way but there shouldn't be a problem.

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