From: Rolf Schreiber (
Date: Tue Apr 14 1992 - 11:26:38 CDT

As I suspected, the reason the GX (cg6) frame buffer is not available as an
upgrade for an IPC is for business reasons, not technical reasons. I heard
from many people who were currently using the GX board with no problems in
their IPC systems. I also heard from Sun and was told that the GX could be
ordered directly from Sun Express (P/N 501-1672 $2,200 Category A discount).

Many thanks to all those who responded. Now that I know I can use a GX in
my IPC, all I have to do is talk my boss into buying one for me. :-)

Rolf Schreiber                    
Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences  UUCP: ...!ucsd!rolf
University of California at San Diego       Voice: (619)534-5414

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