SUMMARY: delay RARP server's answer

From: Bin Zhao (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1992 - 18:58:46 CDT

Hi, everyone:
        Sometime last week, I posted a message about how to delay a RARP
answer from a PC RARP server for a diskless Sun3/60.

SITUATION: Sun3/60 boot from network in diskless mode. Sending RARP request.
           Two "real" RARP servers (one is Sparc1 and the other is a DecSystem
           5600), one PC RARP server for PCs IP number dynamic allocation.
           They all in the same physical network (well, there is a bridge
           between the PC RARP server and the Sun3). When the Sun3/60
           boots, it almost allway get a IP address from the PC and then
            fails (the PC has no info for the Sun3).
What I want: to delay the answer from the PC RARP server so that the
           real RARP server (either the sun sparc or the Dec machine)
            can answer the RARP request from the Sun3.
The replies include the following suggestions:

        1) Rewrite the PC RARP program to delay the responding so that
the real RARP server can answer.
        2) Filter the RARP packet at the bridge between the Sun3 and the
PC. ( I am doing that and so far is not working yet. The vender of the
bridge is CableTron and we tried severl things they told us, and still
not blocking the RARP packet).

Thanks for the following people and this great mailing list:

   Bin Zhao,  UNIX System Administrator, Computer Center, Adelphi University
   Garden City, NY 11530                  <>  (516) 877-3343  

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