SUMMARY (Interim) SunOS 4.1.2 Problems

From: Craig Carpenter (E-Mail (
Date: Tue Apr 07 1992 - 18:17:36 CDT

>The OS problem is this. If you have a Sparc2 / GT, this requires XGL,
>and are running any of the demo software that comes with the XGL you
>will get a lockup on the workstation. The station does not die, it is
>accessible from other terminals and you can sometimes kill the process
>and return to a stable state, otherwise it requires a hard shutdown.
>This has gotten the full attention of Sun and they have issued a
>Priority 1 to get a patch out.

Basically the deal is this, there is a patch that was issued by Sun
100569-01 for bug id 1083997.

I understand it has been put on the Sun patch server abd it was given
to me to test on our GT. It appears to have fixed the problem, even
though if you get the test_3d demo and the gt_quicktest running at the
same time the test_3d will die.

But anyway, the patch creates a new problem. The problem is an
interference with the SparcPrinter and Newsprint. It kills my printer.
Sun is again looking into it and hopefully will get an answer soon.

Again thanks to those at Sun that are helping us and I will post a
final summary when all is fixed.


Craig Carpenter
Harris Corp

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