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Date: Wed Apr 08 1992 - 07:45:32 CDT

Hello Sun Managers,
My original posting was :

}We are in a middle of a crisis here, but let me be more specific.
}A couple of mounths ago we bought 30 ELC's from the local dealer,
}all seemed fine untill a couple of weeks ago that several of them
}have introduced a faulty display.
}At first they split they image into two fuzzy parts (left-right),
}and then they would simply loose their horizontal hold !!
}The dealership was not able to correct the problem so the machines
}were sent to the US for repairs.
}My questions for all of you out there ere :
}1) Has anyone experianced a similar display problem ?
}2) If yes, was there a simple solution to this problem ?

Some of the replies included :

1: There is no simple sollution, the monitor must be replaced.
2: The SUN 17' monitors are of poor quality.
3: SUN lacks of proper quality control methods.
4: The monitor flyback transformer needs replacement.
5: Considere a TV repairman.
6: Sunview to X Windows convertion problem.

The only conclusion derived from the above comments was
that there is not much we can do about it, but wait and
see what the dealership comes up with !
The feedback from the Sun Managers will help us deal with
the local dealership better in the future.

Many thanks to all who replyied to me, with on-topic,
off-topic, and flames to my posting.

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