problems with FTP stopping part way through a transfer - summary

From: Brett Lymn - System Admin (
Date: Sun Apr 12 1992 - 09:00:46 CDT

I posted the following problem a few weeks ago and promised a summary.
Here it is.
> I am having problems with Sun's FTP, when I fetch files from
>other sites the fetch sometimes just stops and I get a "connection
>timed out, reset by peer" message. The position that the ftp stalls
>on is consistent for a particular file (that is, it will always stop
>at the same byte count on the same file) but not all files stop and
>the ones that do do not stop at the same byte count. The byte count

One suggestion was that the problem was due to some faulty ethernet
hardware that was corrupting some packets.

Another was to invoke ftp with the -i option to prevent ftp timing out
after 15 minutes, turning of the interactive prompting by using the
prompt command will not work.

All the other replies I got suggested that there may be a
misconfigured router or bridge that would drop the link on a certain
byte sequence.

Unfortunately the above suggestions were either not applicable to my
setup or did not work :-(

thanks to: (Steve Cariglia)
Stefan Mochnacki <> (Ron Vasey) (Russ Poffenberger)
stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)

for offering suggestions.

Brett Lymn
Computer Systems Administrator
AWA Defence Industries

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