SUMMARY: Xkernel of Sun3/60 booting from sparc1

From: Bin Zhao (
Date: Thu Apr 09 1992 - 00:56:15 CDT

Hi, everyone:
        Sorry for the late summary but I did have some problems on this one.
Original posting:
> Has anyone got it to work to set up Seth Robertson's Xkernel on a
> Sun3/60 with the following environment? What are the settings?
> The Sun3/60 has to boot from the sparc1 (running 4.1.1)
> in diskless mode (I don't have a local disk on the Sun3/60). And
> the sparc1 is _NOT_ a NIS server, nor is it a DNS server.

Originally, I wanted the Sun3/60 to boot from the Dec box (a DecSystem 5600,
running as the YP server and DNS server). But very time the Sun3/60 boots
to run the init and the init died. (I am still working on that.) So now,
the Sun3/60 get the RARP answer from the Dec box, but the bootparam
server is the sparc1. And the Sun3/60 gets it X11 fonts from the Dec
box. I think I should be able to get it going totally from the Dec box.
(Darrell Hodge <> got it working.) For the rest I just
followed the Xkernel instructions.

I got about 10 replies,(among them 2 asking info or summary) and
they are all helpful one way or the other. Thanks for the following
people, especially Darrell Hodge from Digital and Seth Robertson from
Columbia University for their very detailed infomation.

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