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Date: Mon Apr 13 1992 - 06:30:12 CDT


a week ago I asked the following question:

        On a network of SUN SPARC station 2/IPX, how the system administrator,
        who is working one of the SUNs, can get the system messages that goes
        normaly to the console window of the other stations?

Well after this thank you to all that replied/posted, here is one solution:

        Syslogd, the remote/local message daemon is handling the system messages
        Whenever a message occures, he looks in the /etc/syslog.conf file
        to see what should be done.
        So in my case I had to change the correponding entries, and tell the
        daemon to send the messages that usually goes to the console, to my
        remote station.

        c.f. syslog.conf(5) and syslogd(8).

Another solution suggested, but I didn't try yet, was to try the
program called "contool" which is available via anon ftp at

Thanks again to all of you,

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