SUMMARY: Need advice with Solflower - SSVME30 board

From: Bala Vasireddi (bala@pebbles.Synopsys.COM)
Date: Tue Mar 31 1992 - 08:28:24 CST

Original message:
>Hello sun managers,
> A fellow Sys Admn of mine is looking to add a Solflower - SSVME30 board
>in their aging Sun 4/280. This board is supposed to be SPARCstation2 board
>that'll plug into a VME backplane. Supposedly a Sales Rep is promising
>significant performance boost to the Sun4/280 (don't know if it'll remain a
>4/280 after the board is added).

>Since this friend of mine is working for a Small insurace brokerage company,
>and since their 4/280 is the databse server, they cannot afford any problems
>or downtime even during the evaluation stages.

>Does any you have any experience with this type of boards?
>How does boards from Solflower perform in general?

Summary of responses:

The correct part# is: SFVME300. It is SPARCstation 2 CPU with an SBUS-VME
adapter. It comes with its own drivers for all commonly used VMW peripherals.
The kernel will be Sun4c kernel if the upgrade is done.

Four people responded to my original question. One person said that they have
one board like the above and that they couldn't get any VME boards to work
correctly with this product. Another thing to note is, after the upgrade
the resulting machine will not be a Sun supported configuration and you'll have
to depend on Solflower for support. Another person considered the product but
did not buy any.

Besides this board 2 people mentioned that they used Solflower memory boards
and they are quite happy with them.

I passed this information to my friend. He decided against buying this board.
He is probably going to upgrade the 4/280 to a Sun 4/670 (Multi CPU) machine.

Thanks to the following folks:

From: stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
From: (Kevin W. Thomas)
From: (Larry Bierma)
From: John DiMarco <>

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