SUMMARY: Exabyte 8500 I/O error ???

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Date: Tue Mar 31 1992 - 08:29:13 CST


here is the summary of responses to my query, No real solution, but lots of

The problem seems to exist at many sites, but nobody really
have a reason for the failure.

It might be related to the SunOS st driver, the EXB-5000,
some other SCSI device in the chain, power supply noise,

I suspect tape defect, so I will be ordering better quality tape.

During the last week, I saw no failure on 6 tapes, while the
week before I had 3 failures in a row.

I will investigate further during the week.

Thanks to:

        "Cuong C Nguyen (408)764-6863" <>
        quejoh@calamari.Auto-trol.COM (Quentin Johnson)
        mark@maui.Qualcomm.COM (Mark Erikson) (Russ Poffenberger)
        uunet!tekbspa!edward (Edward Chien) (David N. Edwards)
        jem@gel1.gel1 (Jim Myrick) (Tim Evans) (Benjamin Monderer)

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Subject: Exabyte 8500 I/O error ???
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I have a EXB-8500 in a EXB-10i stacker hooked to a SparcStation1 under
SunOS 4.1.2, no patches installed.

About every tape I use finished with the following messages:
We use SONY P6-120MP (10/09/91)

I had the 8500 replaced because of a mechanical problem, but the error
still happen.

% /usr/ucb/rsh bourse /etc/dump 0bsfu 112 226000 bigbrother:/dev/nrst8 /dev/rsd2g

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