SUMMARY: dbxtool in OW3

From: John D Schneider (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1992 - 16:25:40 CST

     Thanks for all the replies to my question about dbxtool. The response
was unanimous; dbxtool is a part of the unbundled Sun compilers, and is
no longer shipped with OpenWindows 3. If you have installed one of the
compilers, dbxtool can be found under /usr/lang. If you do not have one
of the Sun compilers, but have OW2, you can use the OW2 version of dbxtool
under OW3, and it still works (at least for now).

Thanks to the following people for their responses:

Charles Maxson <>
Mike Meyers <Michael.Meyers@Corp.Sun.COM>
Ray Brownrigg <>
Doug Neuhauser <>
Kevin Sheehan kalli!
Marcel Bernards <bernards@ECNSUN.ECN.NL>
Birger Wathne <>
Craig Carpenter <>
Kevin McElearney <>
Ole Holm Nielsen <>
Steve Hanson
Rob Scott
Terry Rosenbaum
Chuck Foley
Peter Kaldis peter@Civil.Concordia.CA
Celeste Stokely

John Schneider

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