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Date: Thu Apr 02 1992 - 11:50:28 CST

I give you an intermediate reply to the response I've received on modem-software. In the meantime I wasn't able to try out pcomm. This program seems to be the solution. If I'll have more experience with it, I'll summarize it too. Excuse me for the late reply and many, many thanks to all people who have answered my question.
 Boyd Fletcher IV response:

try getting unicom from it runs under X, however
I think only binaries are available for sparc though, you maybe have
to purchase a site license if you want to use all the features.

        Boyd Fletcher

Keith F. Pilotti response:

Try Kermit. Available from

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Russ Poffenberger response:

Kermit is considerably better than tip.

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Not really a Sun Managers mailing list question, but I'd suggest kermit - freely available and it works.

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I often use a curses based program called pcomm, which is a similar to the popular MSDOS program ProComm. It supports automatic dialing from directory, file transfers using XMODEM, YMODEM & ZMODEM protocols, logging your session to a file, and more.

The latest version I know of is 1.2, which was posted in usenet's comp.sources.unix (volume 20), and should be available from any of the sites that archive that newsgroup. In particular, on it is in the directory usenet/comp.sources.unix/volume20/pcomm1.2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Sutterfield (bob@MorningStar.Com) response:

The most user friendly would be to establish TCP/IP connectivity. The user could continue with their familiar telnet, rlogin, ftp, etc. without regard for the fact that the two are connected via modem rather than via a local area network. To be even friendlier, your dialup IP software should dial the modem on demand when the link is needed, and hang up when the line is idle.

Please consider our PPP/SLIP software, which runs on Sun-3s, Sun-4s, and others. I'll append our spec sheet below, which includes pointers to further information. Morning Star PPP At A Glance (PPP version 1.3, March 3 1992)

Standards Support: - The Internet standard Point to Point Protocol (PPP), as defined in RFCs 1171 and 1172 and updated in the most recent drafts, providing - link-level error detection - asynchronous control character mapping - packet size negotiated at connection time - physical link loopback detection - IP address negotiation and assignment (Dec 1991 draft) - link-level authentication by PAP and CHAP (Dec 1991 draft) - PPP Address/Control field and Protocol field compression (Jan 1992 draft) - link status monitoring by LQM (Feb 1992 draft) - The popular Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP), as described in RFC 1055 - automatically detects whether other end does TCP header compression (CSLIP)

Optimal Performance: - `VJ' TCP packet header compression as described in RFC 1144 - TCP interactive `fast queue' management - Asynchronous speeds as high as <sys/ttydev.h> provides, usually 38400 - Synchronous speeds to T1 (1.544 Mb/sec) or CEPT (2.048Mb/sec) using our SnapLink SCSI-attached serial interface

Ease of Management: - Easy and extremely flexible configuration - On-demand link establishment and idle line disconnection - Flexible `chat script' for connection management - Packet filtering and logging by protocol, source, destination, etc. - Flexible daemon implementation - Operates as either the remote (calling) or hub (answering) site - Uses most asynchronous modems or dedicated lines, using the workstation's native serial ports - Shares modems with other applications, such as UUCP, or interactive users - PPP configuration/negotiation problems reported in English - Monitors link status, reliability, and performance - Multiple line failover for redundancy and high availability - Thorough, readable documentation

Wide industry support: - Currently supported on - SPARC (Sun-4, SPARCstation, SPARCserver, Solbourne, Tatung, CompuAdd, ...) - Sun-3 - NeXT - DECstation/Ultrix - SCO UNIX - Coming soon on - CDC MIPS EP/IX - IBM RS/6000 - SCO Xenix - HP PA - Silicon Graphics Indigo - DG Aviion - VAXstation/Ultrix - BSDI on i386/i486 - Interactive UNIX - Interoperates with network connectivity providers - PSI - AlterNet - BARRnet - OARnet - Merit - Interoperates with other asynchronous and synchronous PPPs and SLIPs - Telebit NetBlazer - FTP Software PC/TCP - cisco AGS and CGS - 3Com NetBuilder - Brixton Systems BrxPPP - KA9Q - Perkins/Clements/Fox/Christy free UNIX PPP - Xylogics Annex terminal server (SLIP) - ISC SLIP - Datability terminal server (SLIP) - Livingston terminal server (PPP) - cisco terminal server (SLIP) ? Intercon TCP/Connect II (SLIP) ? Marble Associates SLIP ? Wellfleet ? Proteon ? NCSA ? CSnet/BBN DialupIP ? Xyplex terminal server

You can get all our marketing literature and the entire user guide via anonymous FTP from, in either (nicely formatted PostScript) or mst-ppp-doc.shar.Z (shell archive of troff sources and more configuration examples); or from; or we'll be happy to send them to you via electronic mail or even on paper. For more information, contact Jamey Laskey or Dean Schell of our marketing group:

Morning Star Technologies 1760 Zollinger Rd Columbus OH USA 43221 +1 614 451 1883 (voice) +1 800 558 7827 (voice) +1 614 459 5054 (FAX) (e-mail)

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