SUMMARY: printer/tcp: unknown service ???

Date: Sun Mar 29 1992 - 11:22:38 CST

My original question:
 Lately our Suns has started to have an irritating behaviour when
booting. With something like a 50/50 chance they give me the message

 poseidon lpd[133]: printer/tcp: unknown service

when /usr/lib/lpd is started from /etc/rc.
And as a result the lpd-process dies. If I log on immediately and type
/usr/lib/lpd, it starts whithout any problems.

  If I check with ypcat services it sure is there too.

 printer 515/tcp spooler

  Any ideas as to what might be wrong ?

Configuration: Sun ELC with SunOS 4.1.1

Bertil Roslund (
Computer Engineering
University of Lund, Sweden

PS. Sometimes, but more rarely I get a similar message from inetd:
     poseidon inetd[114]: exec/tcp: unknown service
    and I have to do a "kill -HUP '' " to get it working

 I got a whole lot of answers on this one, and 99% agreed that
the problem was that i had blank lines in /etc/services on my
NIS-master, and that I should remove theese or replace them with '#'.

 I looked, and there sure were a few blank lines !

 I have removed them but I don't know yet if it worked since I
haven't had to reboot any machine, but I'm sure that won't be too far off :-)

 Anyway, with this much consencus on what's wrong, I feel confident that
this was the problem.

  Many thanks to all that responded.
  ( Isn't this list just great ! )

Bertil Roslund (
Computer Engineering
University of Lund, Sweden

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