SUMMARY: rehash causing error on IPC running SunOS4.1.1Rev.B

From: Claudia McIntyre (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1992 - 20:01:23 CST

Thanks to all who responded.

My original query:

I'm trying to install Recital on an IPC running SunOS4.1.1Rev.B.

The following code in the install program causes an error:
echo -n "Rehashing font databases..."
$OPENWINHOME/bin/xset fp rehash

The error message is:
Rehashing font databases not found

Note: does exist in /usr/openwin/lib

I have added the following lines to root's .login and still get the
not found error:
setenv OPENWINHOME /usr/openwin
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/openwin/lib

NOTE: we have run into related errors where libraries do exit before.


The following solution was offered by Ian worked!!

are you actually logging in as root or manually
running the .login (i.e. source .login) before installing the product? If
not, the environment variables would not get set.

I would not trust what you have done, personally. I would manually
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and OPENWINHOME, and try to reinstall things. If
that does not work, use a symbolic link to place in /usr/lib;
cd /usr/lib
ln -s /usr/openwin/lib/ .

and then try again. Remove the link after you're done.

I think the ldconfig step was the key to solving my problem!

Thanks to all who replied!!

David St. Pierre
Pete Glassenbury
Zhou Shouben
Ian MacPedran
Matt Goheen
Doug Becker
Russ Poffenberger
Steve Swaney

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