SUMMARY: can we upgrade just one host to 4.1.2?

From: Janet Jackson (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1992 - 19:41:49 CST

In <janet.701580034@dunnart> (yours truly) asked about this.
If you need to refresh your memory, my original post is quoted at the end.

The concensus on this is, YES! The only caveats people have given are:

The 4.1.2 system will be mounting the 4.1.1 man pages. Man will work,
of course, but your man pages will be a little out of date.

The only little problems you may see might revolve around programs that
have an intimate knowledge of the kernel, like top, etc. which may need
to be recompiled for 4.1.2.

If you have people who compile stuff that must run on all machines, make
sure they don't do the compiles on the 4.1.2 machine. Otherwise users of
4.1.1 will get the dreaded warning about library versions.

Thanks to all the people who responded - so many positive responses, it
must be OK!

Janet Jackson
Systems Administrator
Department of Computer Science
The University of Western Australia

My original post:

>We have a host (Sparcserver 2) that is mostly standalone except:
>- it is a YP slave server, and the master server is our Sun4/470
>- it mounts a few NFS filesystems from our other hosts:
> - man pages, network admin stuff, some home directories from the 4/470
> - other user directories from various Sparc machines - these are mounted
> via amd; the amd binary is on the network admin filesystem, which is
> NFS mounted from the 4/470
>- it exports a filesystem to another Sparcserver 2
>We'd like to upgrade this host to SunOS4.1.2 ASAP, for all those bug fixes;
>however we don't want to upgrade the rest of our network just yet.
>Can we do this?
>I guess what I am really asking is will YP, NFS, and amd co-operate OK on
>machines running the two different releases? From the 4.1.2 release notes
>I can't see why not, but other people may know differently. Also, are there
>any other pitfalls or hassles we should be aware of?

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