Summary: Help - there must be something better than ow2.0 !

From: J.Tizard (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1992 - 17:31:03 CST

Thanks to everyone who replied to my query regarding my problems
with OW2.0 and SunOS4.1. I *should* have said SunOS4.1.1, as was
pointed out by a few respondents. Anyway, the responses were divided
about equally between:

"Ditch OW, install X11R5 and (perhaps) run another window manager - like


"Upgrade to 4.1.2 and all will be sweetness and light"

thanks again...

 _--_|\ James Tizard
/ \ Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
\_.-*._/ Psychology Department
      v Flinders University of South Australia

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