SUMMARY: V3 Mailtools eats X.400 Addresses

From: Peter Elford (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1992 - 04:07:16 CST

I had a problem with MailTool ignoring addresses that contained "/" characters,
such as those used to direct mail into X.400 systems, eg.


I reported this to Sun Australia who provided me with a temporary
patched version within 3 days, and have just recently provided my
with an official patch. It is available via anonymous ftp from as pub/misc/100544-01.tar.Z

The README file is attached.

Many thanks to Sun for resolving this so quickly.

Peter Elford, e-mail:
Network Co-ordinator, phone: +61 6 249 3542
Australian Academic Research Network, fax: +61 6 249 1369
c/o, Computer Services Centre, pager: +61 6 245 3035
Australian National University post: PO Box 4
Canberra, AUSTRALIA Canberra 2601

Patch-ID# 100544-01
Keywords: addresses, x.400, can't, mailtool
Synopsis: Mailtool3.0
Date: 20-Mar-92
SunOS release: 4.1, 4.1.x
Unbundled Product: Mailtool
Unbundled Release:
Topic: Mailtool x.400 address patch
BugId's fixed with this patch: 1072592

Architectures for which this patch is available: sun4 and later

Patches which may conflict with this patch:

Obsoleted by: No

Files included with this patch: mailtool

Problem Description: Mailtool would not send to x.400 addresses

        1) cd to $OPENWINHOME/bin/xview
        2) su to root
        3) get patch id from current mailtool by typing
                strings mailtool | grep 'Patch Id'
        4) if patch_id exists type
                mv mailtool mailtool.patch_id_123456_89
                (where patch_id_123456_89 is recorded from step #3)
                mv mailtool mailtool.30fcs
        5) cp patched mailtool to mailtool
        6) chmod 755 mailtool

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