SUMMARY: (short) No C Compiler for Solaris 2.0

Date: Wed Mar 25 1992 - 01:19:06 CST

Thanks to the MANY people who replied. I have not sent direct mail to a
lot of you as there were over 50 posts to me...more than I ever expected!!

A rough distribution of comments was:

    75% Very annoyed, think Sun are going Big Blue
    15% Did not care, thought Market forces would solve the issue
    10% Very annoyed at me for reviving an old thread :)

So, the thing to do, if you think Sun can still be swayed in its decision
on this, is to petition Sun direct. I was given the following email as
the person to flood:

Or hassle your sales rep to the max, 'cause this seems all hip pocket
oriented (no matter what Sun mutter along the lines of "Not having a
compiler makes us *more* Open Systems because we are not locking the
customer in to a single product").

Also, this whole thread is against Item 6 in the "Summary of Charter and
Rules" of the group, so consider it a spurious signal from a dying

Cheers, Michael

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