SUMMARY: Undefined symbol: etc.

From: Bob Beason (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1992 - 18:16:59 CST

My original query:

Background: I modified the shared library to reflect a change
                in nameservers on the nework, did a make and copied the new
       to the /usr/lib directory, then did ldconfig.
        Problem: I got the message Undefined symbol: _rpc_createerr
                when I tried rm, cp, mv; but not with cd or pwd. I rebooted
                and after checking the disk partitions, I got a series of
       Undefined symbol: _rpc_createerr messages, then
                Mar 17 08:09:33 init '/usr/etc/getty std.9600 Console' failing
                sleeping messages continuously with no response to the keyboard.
                I used L1-A to restart and it came up with /dev/rds0a INCORRECT
                BLOCK COUNT which was fixed followed by the two etc.
                message and the init # prompt.
        Needed: Suggestions on how I can regain enough control to delete the
                new so that it will revert to the old version.
                The only commands that work are cd and pwd. ls, rm, mv, etc
                give the message.

Many thanks to the following for their replies:

As several people pointed out, /etc/mv should not (and did not) give the error message. Instead mv responded that the file was read only, when
I tried to chmod, I received the error message.

The fix suggested was to boot off a CD-ROM, install and boot the miniroot
UNIX, mount the partition, delete the bad file and reboot the system. This
worked. The problem was caused by not correcting some of the names of
files extracted from libc.pic.a that had been truncated -- and being too much
in a hurry to bother testing the new library by using setenv
LD_LIBRARY_PATH to check out a few commands.

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