SUMMARY - /etc/fstab deleted cannot boot the system

From: Maqbool Patel (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1992 - 03:13:35 CST

 Hi everybody:
 Here is my original posting:
>System: SPARC StATION 370 SUNOS4.1
>As the subject tells, I accidently deleted the entries in /etc/fstab and tried
>to reboot the machine. I cannot boot the machine. It complains that it cannot
>mount the file system. It mounts the root partition, swap partition and after
>that it complains (I donot remember the exact error message) about /etc/fstab
>file and goes into sinle user mode. At this point of time, I cannot use vi
>also to edit the fstab file. Please help to recover from this stupid mistake.
>Maqbool Patel
 I installed and booted the mini-root from the CD. Then I mounted /dev/sd0a.
 Edited the fstab file and booted the system. If I had waited little longer, I
 could have used some of the better solutions provided by some sun-managers. Thanks
 to all who replied (lots of them).
 Suggestion received include:
         To boot the system single user and then:
 I) echo "/dev/sd0a / 4.2 rw 1 1" > /etc/fstab
         echo "/dev/sd0g /usr 4.2 rw 1 2" >> /etc/fstab
         etc, to create the fstab file.
 II) cat > /etc/fstab
         /dev/..... /usr/.... 4.2 rw 0 0
         to crete the fstab file.
 { However I am not sure if cat commnad will be availabele at this point}
 III) Use the commnads in /sbin to mount the /usr fs. Edit fstab or recreate it.
 IV) Boot the mini-root from the CD-ROM and mount the filesytesa.
 Thanks to all who replied.


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