SUMMARY (again) Re: cron dies infrequently

From: Patrick Gosling (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1992 - 22:38:39 CST

As promised, further information about crons that (at random) just die
and dump core. I mentioned in my previous summary that I hadn't actually
managed to track down the relevant sun patch yet, and lo and behold, I
got a message within the day from
David Moline <drm@au.oz.gcs.gaia>
(to whom I'm very grateful), mentioning the following (Solbourne) patch:

> Patch applies to:
> 4.1A.1 release
> Affected bugs:
> Sun-1069046
> Patch name:
> P911121001: cron dies on correct entries
> ================================================================
> This patch is the equivalent of Sun patch 100402-01.
> The ``usr'' structure of an at/cron job could be removed while the job
> was still running due to a race condition. This causes a core dump at
> the end of the job, when cron attempts to print out the now-missing
> information.
> The symptom is the routine ``logit'' in the stack backtrace from the
> dead cron.

I've grabbed the Sun patch mentioned (archie listed a whole bunch of places
- I'll mail anyone who wants the list), and this should be the last you hear
from me on this subject unless it fails to fix the problem (touch wood).


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