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From: hydres!
Date: Wed Mar 18 1992 - 06:19:44 CST

Re problem with Lotus plots.

I got many suggestions as below but I have discovered something myself.

I have set up a unused filter option to lpr to be a shell script that
just does a 'cat -'. Then I changed lotus and word Perfect to do a
lpr -Plw -{unused print option} in my case -n. Everything appear fine
at the moment but here a the replies.


I don't know about Lotus in particular, but you can have two print
queues directed to a single serial port. The printer driver will
insure that one queue drains before allowing the other one to access
the printer. (This is done with two separate printcap entries (one
for each queue) both referencing the same physical device. I have
sucessfully used this technique in the past with special print queues
handling different fonts/orientations (ie; compressed type, landscape,
etc) going to HP Laserjets.

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I don't know what Lotus-produced PostScript looks like, but I've
occasionally found TranScript messing with my PostScript in a way that
broke it. The solution is to change the first line of the submitted
file from something like:




This will convince TranScript that the file is PostScript, but of
unknown structuring conventions so it won't try to page-reverse it or
otherwise munge with it.

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If you have an OLD copy of transcript, try changing the
header to "!PS-Adobe-1.0"

(rather than version 2.0)

The newer header might not be recognized.

Also, if you are using PC-NFS, there are about three options for
printers. I think that the "raw" option and "PostScript" option
can sometimes be swapped around with good results.


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