SUMMARY: Putting two heads on a 3/160 under X11r{4,5}

Date: Wed Mar 18 1992 - 04:31:32 CST

Hello all.

A while ago I sent out a query as to how I might use both the bwtwo
and cgtwo interfaces on my 3/160 simultaneously under straight X.
Some of the responses I got referred to openwin, which I do not want
to run. I tried the other suggestions, but got no working result.

I am still looking for help on this.

Many thanks to all who responded:
    Brent Alan Wiese <> (Hans-J. Nagel) (Matt Goheen)

What follows is all of the responses, interspersed with my comments.
At the very end is my original posting.

    From: Brent Alan Wiese <>
    Message-Id: <>
    Date: Mon, 9 Mar 92 14:56:53 CST
[copy of my posting deleted]

    The server has to know your setup and I believe it only knows
    about two frame buffers for a cg3/bw2 often found on an IPC.
    Additionally, the man page on Xsun says at the end "Colon
    spearated devices names do not work." (great spelling :-) so your
    only option is to UTSL.

What is ``UTSL''? If Murphy's law holds, this is the answer, but I
did not understand the acronym, so am still lost.

    Brent A. Wiese Unix & X Support
    Systems Support Center E-mail:
    Baylor College of Medicine Voice: (713) 798-5081
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    Date: Tue, 10 Mar 92 15:47:58 +0100
    From: (Hans-J. Nagel)
    Message-Id: <>
    I'll send you my .xinitrc-file for two Monitors :
Mr. Nagel did indeed send me an .xinitrc startup script for two
monitors, but it is for Openwin so I cannot use it. I thought that
perhaps someone trying to use Openwin would find it useful, so I
reproduced it here.

    # .xinitrc - OpenWindows startup script fuer zwei Bildschirme
    if [ -f $HOME/.Xdefaults ]; then
        xrdb $HOME/.Xdefaults & # Load Users X11 resource database
        xrdb $OPENWINHOME/lib/Xdefaults & # Load Default X11 resource database
    $OPENWINHOME/lib/openwin-sys & # OpenWindows system initialization
    # Install function key "F1" as an Open Look "Help" key
    # This precludes its use by applications
    # If your applications use F1 for anything else,
    # comment out the following line
    xmodmap -e 'keysym F1 = Help'
>eval '$OPENWINHOME/bin/svenv -env -display :0.0'
>$OPENWINHOME/bin/olwm -display :0.0 -3 &
>eval '$OPENWINHOME/bin/svenv -env -display :0.1'
>$OPENWINHOME/bin/olwm -display :0.1 -3 &
    if [ -x $HOME/.openwin-init ]; then
        $HOME/.openwin-init # Custom OpenWindows tools
        $OPENWINHOME/lib/openwin-init # Default OpenWindows tools
    You must then start openwin by hand with the following string
        openwin -dev /dev/vs10fb0 -dev /dev/cdthree0
    These are my two devices. The first is the left and the second is
    the right monitor.
    Good Luck
    Hans-J. Nagel
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    University of Constance
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    Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1992 11:12:26 PST
    Message-Id: <"10-Mar-92 11:12:26 PST".*>
    What happens if you run xinit without any -dev specification? I've
    heard that it will grab every device it can find.
I had heard of this outside of this list as well, so this is the first
thing I tried. It grabs the cgtwo device, and ignores the bwtwo
completely. There was an intimation in one of the X man pages that
having extra screen device names in /dev would confuse the X server,
so I removed all display devices from /dev other than cgtwo and bwtwo.

No change.

    Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1992 08:26:56 PST
    From: (Matt Goheen)
    Message-Id: <>
    If you are running straight X (and not OpenWindows), then it is
    the window manager that is not finding the screens. Twm will
    manage all screens that it finds (but I'd have to look at the code
    to see which devices it actually checks).
I don't think I understand what is meant here. Perhaps this is my
problem, or perhaps Mr. Goheen did not understand my problem. In any
case, I don't know how to test this hypothesis. I thought that if I
didn't get an X stipple pattern up on the ignored monitor (bwtwo,
mostly), that window managers would not be able to see it as a

    You could try creating the /dev/cgtwo0 device (if it isn't there
    already) and seeing if you can get it going that way.
Already there.

    If you run olwm, then you have to run one window manager for each
    display (i.e. "olwm" and "olwm -display unix:0.1" in your
I understand that this is the same for twm.

    The -dev argument is needed (or at least was, I still use it) for
    OpenWindows. The syntax I use there is similar to your last
            openwin -dev /dev/cgthree0 -dev /dev/bwtwo0
And here we are back to openwin, which seems to deal with multiple
heads in a much saner way than straight X. Would someone *please*
tell me that that assertion is wrong?

    Anyway, good luck...
            - Matt Goheen

    Subject: Putting two heads on a 3/160 under X11r{4,5}
    Date: Mon, 09 Mar 92 11:29:34 -0800
    Hello all.
    I have a Sun 3/160 which has the bwtwo (1152x900 black and white) on
    the CPU board and also has a cgtwo (VME 1152x900 8-bit color), a GP+
    graphics accelerator, and a GB board (???). I am interested in using
    two monitors: a black and white monitor from a 3/50, and the Ikegami
    color one which came with the 3/160.
    What I think I want is one X server which knows about both displays,
    so that the mouse can move from one display to the other, and so that
    one window manager can "know" about both screens. To this end, I have
    tried several different command lines. First I tried:
        % xinit -- -dev /dev/bwtwo0
        % xinit -- -dev /dev/cgtwo0
        % xinit -- -dev /dev/gpone0a
    The first successfully started X on the b&w monitor, whereas the
    latter two started X on the color monitor. This was just to establish
    that the circuitry still worked. Then I tried these:
        % xinit -- -dev /dev/bwtwo0 /dev/gpone0a
        % xinit -- -dev /dev/bwtwo0 -dev /dev/gpone0a
    Both of these started X on the b&w, but ignored the color monitor
    entirely. What is the magic incantation to get both monitors working
    with the same X at the same time?
    -(Many Thanks) MarkE

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