Summary: libdl wierdness

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Tue Mar 17 1992 - 13:48:41 CST

I asked why loads were suddenly failing with unresolved references to
the libdl functions dlopen, dlclose, and dlsys. I received several
correct responses.

Here's one:

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From: Christopher Davis <>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1992 16:25:55 -0500

Did you rebuild shared libraries recently? ;-)

Add an '-ldl' to /usr/lib/shlib.etc/Makefile, and rebuild 'em. We had
the same problem.

Change both occurrences of

        ld -assert pure-text `${OBJSORT} lorder-sparc tmp`


        ld -assert pure-text `${OBJSORT} lorder-sparc tmp` -ldl
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That fixed the problem. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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