SUMMARY: X11R5 and DECnet

Date: Tue Mar 17 1992 - 11:37:10 CST

        Thanks to all who answered. most of the people, though, do not
seem to understand the difference between VMS and Unix. I got plenty of
pedantic replies with Unix commands to open an X display. This we knew
already. Others suggested to buy TCP/IP network support for VMS. This
we knew, too (and is pretty expensive).
        The only useful suggestion was given by
(Ian MacPhedran): X11R5 for the Sun has no support for DECnet
whatsoever (no matter what the man page says...), the workaround he
suggested is to use the TCP/IP <-> DECnet gateway given as demo in the
Ultrix 4.0/DECnet distribution. Quoting from Ian:

>... directory "/usr/examples/decnet/gatethru" if you've installed
>everything on Ultrix (this may be "/usr/demo/decnet/gatethru"). This was
>especially intended for things like this. The README there will lead you
>through the process better than I could, since it's been some time since
>I last did this.
>What you do is install this program someplace, add a line for VMS machine in
>the /etc/services file on the Ultrix machine, and write a short script to
>be used as the target daemon in /etc/inetd.conf (again on the Ultrix machine).
>You then use the machine running this gatewayd program as the machine with
>the X server, and it will translate the network protocols back and forth.

        This hack works, even if it's a bit flaky (sometimes the
connection is broken for no apparent reason).


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