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Date: Mon Mar 16 1992 - 12:17:47 CST

My question:

> How can I change the configuration so that another machine will be the master.
> The manual says that you may never have 2 master servers. But how can I
> avoid this te be the fact temporarely, during the change. And what happens?
        He sends me a "pseudo script", telling me what to do.

        1: Initialize the new master (ypinit -m).
                Transfer all source files to new master.
        2: Transfer all maps from new to old master.
                (on old master: ypxfr -h newhost mapname)
        3: Now push on new master all maps.
                All other servers will get the map from the
                old master but that map contains the new master
                name. From now all maps point to the new master
        4: Kill yppasswdd on old master and run it on the new one.

        It is simple and it works. The only thing is that step 2 did
        not work until I rebooted the new master. ypserv and ypbind were
        running but ypxfr said he could not transfer the maps.
        You don't need to re-init the other slaves. There was some time
        there were 2 masters in the net but that was not a problem.

Most other people said the same kind of things. Some people asked why
I had 11 servers, but thats a question of stability and independency of
different ethernet segments.

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