SUMMARY: file system span multiple disks?

From: Marc Hansen - BGA (yangtze!rubicon!mhansen@snowbird.Central.Sun.COM)
Date: Sat Mar 14 1992 - 17:04:29 CST

Original Question:
>I need to have a single directory hold more data than will fit on to one disk.

>One of my users has an FEA program that wants to generate 700 Meg+ of
>temporary files. The program expects to put all temporary files in the same
>directory and can't be changed.

>Is there a way to have a file system span multiple disks?


Sun has an unbundled product called "Disk Suite" that may do what you need.

Online: DiskSuite
  Can mirror any disk, including the root parition and swap space.
  Optional three-way mirroring.
  Hot spare, can copy off of a failing mirror disk while it is online.
  Disk striping, breaking up large sequential I/O request to several smaller
    parallel requests to multiple disks on multiple controllers.
  Online filesystem expansion; concatinate several partitions into one.
  Maximum filesystem size = 1 terabyte (1 million megabytes).
  QuickCheck - fast reboot recovery with improved 'fsck'.

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