Summary: Seeking 3rd Party memory for Solbourne

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Date: Sat Mar 14 1992 - 17:28:13 CST

Summary of responses to my earlier request:

>We have a Solbourne Series 5 system and want to add memory to it.
>Can anyone mail me information on third party manufacturers of
>solbourne memory boards? I will summarize to the net.

One question: What is a solburne series 5? is it vme based?
        Solbourne series 5 is a SPARC symetric multiprocessing system available
        in 33Mhz and 40Mhz versions, targeted at the high-end server market

Then to the Answers on Memory:

It appears that it is manufactured by:
AnTel, Inc
625 Digital Drive
Suite 107
Plano, Texas 75075
(214) 867-0000
(214) 867-0897 FAX

        I heard that AnTel actually makes the 256Mb board for Solbourne

The following distributors can supply people with AnTel or in some cases
Solbourne memory.

Unisun Peripherals
Bart Densen
619 558 7800

Vector Technology Corp.
Stewart Stafford
(918) 663-6053

Pricing for 256Mb and 512Mb is uncertain (I heard that only 1 256 board has
shipped and that the 512Mb board is still not built)

32 meg $7450
128 meg $18750 ($3k tradein for 32 meg)

were mentioned, but these can probably be had for less with a little effort.

		Doug Manatt
		Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab
		Human -- (510) 422-7257 or 423-0749 FAX -- (510) 422-3160

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