SUMMARY: Help Desk Software

From: Chris Keane (chris@state.COM.AU)
Date: Tue Mar 17 1992 - 20:11:07 CST

Several months ago, I posted a query about Help desk software for
a Sun system. Apologies for the late summary, a machine crash wiped
out all the mail before I could summarise. So the acknowledgment list
below may not have your name on it. Sorry! If you replied, your reply
as appreciated, thank you!
Anyway, here's what we came up with:

Product (Supplier)

Apriori (Answer Computer Inc): this is "the cat's meow, but it is expensive"
        we looked at the doccos, and it looked impressive and did everything
        we wanted, but Answer Computer basically priced themselves out
        of the race (at ~ $A90k for 5-10 users)

Atlas/Control (Enhansys in Australia): belongs to the older generation of
        Helpdesk software - it has no knowledge-based fault resolution stuff.
        It comes with asset control as well, but is basically the same price
        as the snazzier more functional software (at ~ $A20k for ~10 users)

Trouble (Purdue Uni): Is free! but is difficult to reconfigure for a site (it
        was basically built at Purdue for use there and you can tell. No
        knowledge-based system built in. It is user-driven (users enter all
        the faults via menus). (at the cost of ftp'ing the src from Purdue)

Quantum Series (Support Solutions in Australia): Just when we were feeling
        that perhaps there was nothing out there that fit our needs at
        a reasonable cost, along came Quantum. We are impressed. It has many
        good features and does everything we want. There are several add
        on modules to perform asset control and various other things. (at
        ~ $A20k for ~5-10 users + 1 add-on module)

There were several other packages suggested, but these were either not
suited to help-desk operation or were for PCs or other platforms.

Out of several options, we are now seriously considering the Quantum
product, marketted by Support Solutions (previously Davcomp). This is
an Australian product and is so good that aparently DEC abandoned their own
in-house helpdesk software in favour of it.

It runs on (at least) Suns, VAX (running VMS) and PCs. However, I'm
given to understand that it runs on many, many more platforms (anything
that the Progress (?) 4gl runs on). However those above are the only ones
that I've seen with my own eyes.

It is very configurable at user level, and if you require something
strange, Support Solutions is quite happy to customise the system to
suit your needs at a *very* minimal extra cost.

The guy I speak to is Paul Conyers, you can phone on +61 2 417 2300,
fax +61 2 417 6629 or snail mail

Support Solutions Pty Ltd
Suite 13,
283 Penshurst Street,
Willoughby NSW Australia 2068

Tell him I sent you :-)

Disclaimer: The State Bank of NSW and I have absolutely no connection with
Support Solutions or the Quantum software series that I am aware of apart
from being a potentially very satisfied customer.

Acknowledgments: A huge thank you to the following people (and everyone
        else who replied) (Ian Hill) (Cimarron Taylor) (Hillel Markowitz)

Chris Keane. State Bank NSW ph. +61 2 259 4459
Unix Systems Administrator (Group Treasury) chris@rufus.state.COM.AU
Disclaimer: These are my own opinions, but I'm insane. What's your excuse?

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