Summary: lpd error

From: Larry Chin (larry@cchtor.uucp)
Date: Mon Mar 09 1992 - 17:13:28 CST

I wrote:
> yesterday our network printer stopped working all of a sudden.
> The following error showed up on the console:

> lpd[181]: lp: ioctl(TIOCEXCL): No such device or address.

> We are using PC-NFS to print to a Dataproducts Laser printer. The Printer is
> attached to a Sparc 1 via a Sbus Serial/Parallel interface ( SPIF ) board.
> The device file for the parallel port is /dev/stclp0 and is present in the
> /dev directory with the correct permissons on the file. I have tried to kill
> and restart all the printer daemons with lpc restart all - no joy. I have
> checked all the connections etc. I have also ruled out problems with the
> printer as it still prints if directly connected to a PC.
> IF anyone out there has any idea what is going on I would really appreciate a
> few pointers as we are on a deadline and this is the fastest printer that we
> have.

Thanks to all who replied. I tried all the suggestions that were sent but
nothing short of rebooting the machine seemed to have any effect.
I have included all the replies below.

Thanks to:
Anthony A. Datri" <datri@uunet.UU.NET> (G. Roderick Singleton)
David Fetrow <>
Mike Raffety <suntalk!!miker> (Bill Heiser)

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From: "Anthony A. Datri" <convex!!datri@uunet.UU.NET>

By chance, are you running a kernel that doesn't contain the driver for
that device?
From: (G. Roderick Singleton)

lpc is not always effective. Try killing the running /usr/lib/lpd
after you use lpc to disable the queue and stopping the printer. Then
check that /dev/printer= disappears properly as this is the socket
over which lpd handles things. Once all this is done, manually invoke
/usr/lib/lpd and use lpc to start the printer and then enable the queue.

BTW, alot of this stuff is buried in the system admin guide so reread
the applicable sections _CAREFULLY_.



From: David Fetrow <>

lpd is kind of flakey. If it gets that bad I tend to kill ALL the /etc/lpd
daemons by hand, delete all the status/lock files in /usr/spool/whatever and
restart /etc/lpd. That usually works even when the lpc stuff doesn't.

 If the problem is only on the PC's, did you check the pcnfs printer drive?
(pcnfs doesn't use lpd, it copies files to a directory on the host and the
host prints what's there).


From: Mike Raffety <suntalk!!miker>

Loadable device drivers will spontaeously UNLOAD sometimes. Try
reloading the device driver (see /etc/rc.local), and then try rebooting.


From: (Bill Heiser)

I don't know if this applies in this particular situation, but each time
I have seen a "no such device or address" message, it had indicated that
the device was not connected properly (bad cable, unplugged cable, problem
with device, maybe plroblem with the port board you have it connected to?).


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