SUMMARY: PRINCAP for Panasonic KX-P1124

From: Abdi M. Oday (
Date: Sat Mar 07 1992 - 16:11:18 CST

Sorry this summary is a little late.

My original question:

>> Does anyone have a printcap for a Panasonic KX-P1124 serial printer ?

It got two replies from

             Boyd Fletcher IV <>
    (Ralph Merwin)

I also got one message asking for a summary, so here goes.
Thanks for the quick response.

P.S. I hope to try this out this week, so these solutions are untested
       for my printer.

-------------- Edited replies follow ----------------

Boyd> From: Boyd Fletcher IV <>
Boyd> Subject: PRINTCAP for Panasonic KX-P1124
Boyd> References: <9202242113.AA04715@hercules.Calspan.COM>

Boyd> Here's one for a 24 pin epson, that should work with a Panasonic

Boyd> # printcap file for machines with a local epson printer
Boyd> #
Boyd> epson|local|Local Printer:\
Boyd> :sd=/var/spool/lp/epson:\
Boyd> :lf=/var/adm/logs/epson.log:\
Boyd> :af=/var/adm/accts/epson.acct:\
Boyd> :lp=/dev/epson:pw#80:pl#66:mx#0:if=/usr/lib/lpf:\
Boyd> :br#9600:fs#006320:fc#0177777:tr=\f:sh::
Boyd> #

ralph> From: (Ralph Merwin)
ralph> Subject: Re: PRINTCAP for Panasonic KX-P1124
ralph> Status: OR

ralph> I have a printcap entry for my KX-1524, setup in Diable-630 mode
ralph> (serial, on /dev/ttyb, 9600 baud). You might have to fiddle with
ralph> the parity etc. on the printer, but I think it should be 7E2. It
ralph> is far from perfect, but does get the dots onto the paper. If you
ralph> get anything full featured, I'd sure appreciate a copy. Til then,
ralph> I've attachped my entry in case you don't have anything running at all.
ralph> lq1500|lq|Panasonic printer in Diablo 630 mode:\
ralph> :lp=/dev/ttyb:br#9600:sd=/usr/spool/lpd:lf=/usr/adm/lpd-errs:\
ralph> :sb:sh:

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