SUMMARY: Problems dumping from MIPS --> Sun

From: Richard J. Niziak (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1992 - 20:10:48 CST

earlier I wrote:
} Subject: Problems dumping from a MIPS to a sun
} I am trying to to remote dumps and restores from a MIPS machine running
} RISC/OS to a SUN ELC w/ a 8mm tape drive... I do a rdump from the MIPS
} like this:
} rdump 0ubdsf 126 54000 6000 boggs:/dev/nrst1
} The dump works fine... untile I either try to :
} 1) Do a rrestore from the mips or
} 2) Do a restore from the sun side
} I get error messages saying tape I/O error from the MIPS AND sun side
} after it checks the directories like this:
} mips [1]# rrestore.ffs -ivf boggs:/dev/nrst1
} Verify tape and initialize maps
} read: I/O error
} Tape read error:
} mips [2]#
} And on the console of boggs, I get the following errors:
} st1: Error for comand 'read'. Error Level: 'Fatal'

} st1: Error for comand 'read'. Error Level: 'Fatal'
} Block: 0 File Numer: 0
} Sense Key: No Additional Sense
} Incorrect Length Indicator Set

The problem had to do with the blocking factor, If I ommited the blocking
and left it to the MIPS default (64) it worked fine..

Kudos go out to:

Tom Conroy <uunet!NSD.3Com.COM!trc>
(Per Hedeland
(danielle sanine


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