SUMMARY/CORRECTION on booting using modem

From: Kerry Kinnersley (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1992 - 22:45:46 CST

Sorry sorry sorry ... for the confusion. The question should have been worded differently:
I'm at home, the system is down at work, a modem is at work in answer mode, a modem
at home, I don't want to travel 2 hours to work to boot the machine: so I want to use
a modem to connect to the serial line providing a "console" for interacting with the
boot prom. I would like to establish a connection and type "b" for boot and away it goes.
I would NEVER consider asking the question with respect to having a diskless client booting
from a remote (via modem) server: that would be VERY silly. So now that I have qualified
the question, is there a solution (even if its not a good one?).
Thanks! and next time I'll be more careful in wording the question.


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