SUMMARRY: 4/370 boot problem

From: Lance Eric Greenwade (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1992 - 19:25:08 CST

Many thanks to all of those who replied. The problem was in
the cpu board, which should be replaced shortly (I hope). Many
people responded with the correct interpetation of the staus
leds, for which I am grateful.

Also, I had asked why the system would show this problem, cpu cache,
during reboot when the system had seeming been functioning fine.
Apparently, some parts of the system are excercised and tested only
on power up and so a failure may not be noticed until the next reboot.
Many people said this is a good reason to reboot on a regualr basis,
something I've been going to do, but never seemed to find time.

Maybe now I will.

Again many thanks to those who respond, this list is wonderful!

-eric greenwade
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