Open Windows Desktop Integration Guide

From: Paul Eggert (
Date: Fri Feb 28 1992 - 15:33:14 CST writes:

        There is a rumor of a "Desktop Integration Guide", which
        contains the documentation for this, which is not included in
        the OW3 documentation. There is also a directory under the
        OpenWindows tree called "dig_examples", supposedly a reference
        to this guide. Does anyone know more about this?

Yes, the Desktop Integration Guide is available from Sun; it's part
number 800-6323-10. My copy is Revision A, dated September 1991. You
have to order it separately. The dig_samples directory corresponds to
this guide. The guide covers selections, drag and drop, the classing
engine, ToolTalk, and vendor data type registration. Things seem very
much in a state of flux, though.

For a bit more info, try looking at ce_db_build(1) in the OW3.0 man pages.
(Watch out -- Sun messed up the formatting of this documentation.)

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