SUMMARY: What does this message from named mean?

From: Bobby Bodenheimer (
Date: Mon Feb 24 1992 - 01:50:15 CST

In an earlier message, I asked about the following messages from named:
>No root nameservers for class 99
>No root nameservers for class 177
>No root nameservers for class 52

I didn't mention this in my earlier posting but I had earlier asked this
of Sun Software Support, and their answer was: We don't know. :-(

But the sun-managers list always works! :-)

I got two replies. Phil Blanchfield ( conjectured that I was
missing an "IN" in three resource records. I did check, and I do not believe
this is the reason for the message. Thanks anyway, Phil!

Neil Rickert ( basically answered the question:
There is an "IN" class for TCP/IP Internet records, and a HESIOD class. The
class is represented as a number internally, and apparently the Sun version
of named only handles the "IN" class. The message means that named
received an inquiry for some strange undocumented class. It can be ignored.
Thanks, Neil!

This list is much appreciated.
Bobby Bodenheimer
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