SUMMARY: Process which is STOPPed generates load of 1

Date: Mon Feb 24 1992 - 13:14:46 CST

Sorry for the long delay, but i thought there might come a solution or
workaround, but nothing like that happened.

I know that the load which is generated by stopped processes (with
negative priority) does not use any resources, but my batchd wants to use
the load number to stop or start batch jobs.

So we had to program a workaround ourselves. Everytime the batchd checks the
load, we look for all the processes which are stopped with negative priority,
and if these processes are older the 15 minutes, we decrement the load value.

if you are interested in this batchqueue programs, feel free to get a copy
of batchqueue.tar.Z from anomymous ftp on ( in pub.

that's for all the responses.

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