Re: SUMMARY: bug in gethostbyname()

From: Joe Habermann (
Date: Tue Feb 25 1992 - 00:58:38 CST (Joe Habermann) writes:

>1) Has anyone else seen this?
>Yes. Is a Known Bug. Everyone reported exactly the same
>2) Is there a patch?
>No. It has been reported to Sun, however.

Correction: looks like there may be a patch. Got a note
from Lew Yobs (Lew.Yobs@Corp.Sun.COM). According to
the message, the bug is "#1054748 ftp, ping dump core
when connecting to a host with multiple DNS A records."
Sounds familiar. The patch to get is 100266 or 100267
depending on whether you are doing encryption (?) or not.

Joe Habermann

P.S. Anybody have this one ready for anonymous ftp?

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