SUMMARY: Need setup for remote root with local swap

From: Jeff Makey (makey@VisiCom.COM)
Date: Thu Feb 27 1992 - 21:47:48 CST

A few hours ago I pleaded:

>I want my root partition to be NFS-mounted, but swap to a local disk.
>I built a SunOS 4.1.1b kernel with the following specification:
> config vmunix root on type nfs swap on sd0b
>but that doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

It turns out that the line should have read:

    config vmunix root on type nfs swap on type spec sd0b

All I was missing was the "type spec" part. As comedian Steve Martin
says, "two simple words." Special thanks to Kathy Holle
<> for the quickest reply with the right answer.
Thanks also to David Wiseman <> and George Nassiopoulos
<> who also knew what the problem was and got
their answers to me before I could write this summary.

                        :: Jeff Makey

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