SUMMARY: Boot-monitor settings

From: Thomas Weihrich (
Date: Thu Feb 27 1992 - 16:46:33 CST

Hi everybody !

My problems are solved, I just had to connect the P4 Mono FB
after having ripped out the CG4. I did not know that the
machine recognizes the fb sitting in the P4 slot by itself.

Looking at the include files could not work, because I did not have
a running system, I did not even have a disk attached to the system.
I am just rebuilding it from scrap.

OK, many thanks to:

Anthony Worrall
Konradin Stoehr
Anthony A. Datri
Fabrice Le Metayer
Kevin Sheehan kalli!

/* 0x01f */ char eed_console; /* device to use for console */
#define EED_CONS_BW 0x00 /* use b&w monitor for console
#define EED_CONS_TTYA 0x10 /* use tty A port for console */
#define EED_CONS_TTYB 0x11 /* use tty B port for console */
#define EED_CONS_COLOR 0x12 /* use color monitor for console
#define EED_CONS_P4 0x20 /* use the P4 monitor for
console */

The eeprom location to be changed is 01f, the values are given above.

Thanks for the quick help


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