SUMMARY: Networking problems on a 690

Date: Tue Feb 18 1992 - 22:58:28 CST

I posted the following message a few days ago.

>Helpful Sun-Managers,
>Sun SPARCsever 690MP
>64 Mb Ram - 156 Mb Swap
>2 x 1Gb 3 Mb/sec IPI disks
>Exabyte Tape
>150 Mb tape
>Sun CD-ROM reader.
>SunOS 4.1.2
>An odd thing has been happening since we upgraded to a 690. Lots of users
>of Macintoshes, PC's and other unix systems have had trouble establishing
>and maintaining a connection between their machine and our 690. They
>have been able to make connection only intermitantly either through
>telnet or ftp. Other Sun workstations cannot reliably NFS mount
>the 690's exported partitions. Doing a make hosts in /var/yp takes about
>2 minutes as opposed to 3-5 seconds when the machine was a 490.
>Netstat works intermitantly, sometimes it works, sometimes it just
>The 690 seems to have no problems making connections to other machines,
>it appears that only connections from other machines to the 690 are affected.
>But I wouldn't swear to it.
>Does anyone know of anything in either the hardware or software upgrade which
>would cause these problems?

I received replies from

kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} Celeste Stokely Steve Jay Russ Poffenberger Matt Crawford Stefan Mochnacki

Thank you.

Most people suggested I check the network connection, which was through
the ethernet interface on the motherboard, AUI cable, DELNI, and
transceiver. Also check that no transceiver had SQE turned on.
Replacing cable, DELNI, and transceiver had no effect,
but when we rebooted the machine all the networking problems were solved
but the high rate of collisions continued. So we solved the networking
problem, but its original cause remains unknown.

Sun are intending to replace the motherboard as error rate on the
ethernet interface is now about 14%.

>From Stefan Mochnacki

Are you using NCSA Telnet on you micros ? There are some time delays which can
be INCREASED; that has certainly helped us in the past. These parameters are
in the local files on the micros

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